Vision & Comfort

with the latest in scleral contact lens design using advanced 3D imaging technology.
Ideal for patients with keratoconus, post-surgical irregular corneas, severe dry eyes and high prescriptions.
Outstanding Comfort

Unlike traditional rigid gas permeable contact lenses for Keratoconus which sit directly on the cornea and can often be uncomfortable, scleral lenses do not touch the sensitive cornea.  They sit on the conjunctiva over the sclera and "vault" over the cornea, providing outstanding comfort. They can be used for patients with dry eyes since they provide a "reservoir" of saline over the cornea during the day.

Excellent Vision


Scleral contact lenses are made with a gas permeable rigid material which provides outstanding optics for excellent vision and clarity.  Unlike traditional rigid gas permeable contact lenses which often de-center on irregular corneas or Keratoconus, scleral contact lenses center properly over the visual axis of the eye resulting in excellent vision. 

0% Financing


With proper care, scleral contact lenses are very durable and can last for years, lowering the annual cost of contact lenses.  We offer 0% financing plans to help make the lenses affordable.  In some cases, insurance plans can be used to help with the cost of scleral contact lenses.  Our office is happy to find out if your insurance will cover scleral contact lenses after your initial eye examination.

SMap3D for Keratoconus

At the Scleral Contact Lens Center, in partnership with Visionary Optics, we now have the most advanced technology to accurately fit patients with Keratoconus, post-surgical irregular corneas, severe dry eyes and high prescriptions.  The revolutionary sMap3D allows us to measure up to 1 million points within an accuracy of 10 microns to design a custom fit scleral contact lens that precisely matches every contour on your eye!  This results in outstanding vision and comfort, even for patients with conditions like Keratoconus who have had problems wearing other types of contact lenses.  Imagine what you can do with clear vision.  With better eyesight you can do better at sports such as golf and tennis, accomplish more at work by reading faster and more accurately, and drive at night with confidence.  

Even if you could not wear contact lenses before, or if you need a bifocal prescription, ask about the revolutionary sMap3D technology.  It's like having the best fitting suit made from a body scan!


Scleral contact lenses made from the sMap3D provide:

  • Outstanding comfort

  • Hydration

  • Sharp Vision

  • A custom fit made JUST FOR YOU!

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Winner of the Patient's Choice Award